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Modvigil contains the exact same ingredients as Provigil from Cephalon Inc. As with Modalert 200; the main difference is simply the name of the brand. Modvigil is a generic brand of Modafinil. Like Provigil and Modalert – Modvigil contains exactly 200mg of pure Modafinil.

Although Modalert seems to be the chosen generic Modafinil for millions of consumers, Modvigil stands proud in second place. As each brand contains the same ingedients, the main difference is price. Modalert is much cheaper than Provigil, and Modvigil is much cheaper the Modalert. So for those with shallow pockets on a strict budget – Modvigil ™ 200mg is the choice.

Modvigil is sold in blister packs containing 10 tablets per strip. Modvigil blister strips are less malleable than the Modalert strips. However, Modvigil strips may be torn apart using the perforated lines provided. Please see the image above.

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Modvigil is a vigilance promoting drug or Eugeroic. Modvigil acts as a wakefulness-promoting agent (eugeroic) &is; a type of psychoactive drug which improves wakefulness and alertness, and reduces tiredness, drowsiness, and the need for sleep. Modvigil is approved by the United States’ Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) for treatment of the wakefulness disorders such asNarcolepsy whichis a chronic neurological disorder caused by the brain’s inability to regulate sleep-wake cycles normally, Shift work sleep disorder, Excessive daytime sleepiness, Obstructive sleep apnea which is the most common type of sleep apnea and is caused by obstruction of the upper airway. It was way back in 1998 when Provigil was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of narcolepsy and subsequently in 2003, it was also approved by the agency for shift work sleep disorder and obstructive sleep apnea/hypopnea.In some countries, it is also approved for other hypersomnia’s which refers to a large group of disorders characterized by excessive daytime sleepiness EDS)idiopathic hypersomnia.


We acquire our Modvigil directly from the source: HAB Pharmaceuticals & Research Ltd. With over 30 years of experience HAB Pharma manufacture each Modvigil tablet to extremely stringent cGMP standards. Modvigil is manufactured from two state of the art facilities spanning 5000 sq. ft. located in Northern and Western India. We have seen many customer switch from the more expensive Modalert, opting to buy Modvigil instead.

Possible Side Effects

We highly recommend to consult a physician before using Modvigil, particularly for those with:
– Hypersensitivity to the certain drug like lactose or lactose monohydrate
– Patients with existing cardiovascular problems, particularly while using other stimulants.
– Patients suffering from Cirrhosis (Irreversible scarring of liver cells).
– Modvigil is said to be highly reactive with certain emergency contraceptive pills so patients using Modvigil may result in an unplanned pregnancy.

Though the drug is highly safe but some mild side effects are due to occur Common side effects of Modvigil include: Back pain, Drowsiness, Headache, Nausea, Nervousness, Stuffy nose, Diarrhea, Anxiety, Dizziness, Upset stomach, Trouble sleeping

If any of the symptoms occur you need to immediately visit a doctor. In some case these side effects temporary. The side effects show that the medicine is reacting to your body, but if these effects stay for a prolonged period of time then you need to immediately report to the doctor. Your past medical history can also be a problem, so make it clear that you tell the doctor everything before you start with Provigil 200 mg pill.


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