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Eye glaucoma can be a serious eye problem. Eye glaucoma can cause you irreversible blindness. The eye problem usually generates with a symptoms of redness and blurred vision of the eye. The blurred vision keeps on increasing, if it is not taken care of. So if you are going through a problem of eye vision visit a doctor soon and get your eye cheeked. Bimatoprost optahlmic solution is a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved solution. You can easily purchase bimatoprost online.

Bimatoprost is effective in treating eye glaucoma effectively. You can buy bimatoprost online on at cheap and discounted price. The dosage of the solution is easy. The medicine comes as bimatoprost 3 ml online. Also, Bimatoprost (Lumigan) opthalmic solution is used to grow eyelashes longer. Bimatoprost solution contains chemicals that treat the eyelashes and hence enhances color of the eyelashes too. Bimatoprost is easily available online on at affordable pricing.

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Quality is very imperative in any form of drug, and hence we do not compromise on the quality of drug that we cater to our customers. The drugs that we deliver to you are manufactured by renowned, trusted and accomplished brands that are known for their quality, efficacy and safety of drugs. The productions of all the drugs on our website are done by abiding the stringent guidance of WHO and FDA. Hence we ensure that all the drugs are impervious and they will aid in treating your health at its best. Since all the drugs abide the FDA guidelines they are safe to use on people of all age groups. The generic version of these drugs adds to safety, efficacy and affordability, e.g. generic latisse (bimatoprost) – an eye solution that promotes growth and color of eye lashes. Bimatoprost is also available in other branded variants apart from the generic latisse and these variants give you exceptional and speedy results. Essential medical supervision is compulsory while using these drugs since the reaction of drugs varies from person to person.

Every drug brings some sort of side effects as it cures the ailment and one should be aware as what would be the possible side effects of a particular drug. The appearance and feel of side effects after the use of drug is an indication that your body is reacting to the drug and it is on the way to heal completely. The most common side effect of generic latisse solution is mild prickling sensation in the eyes. The eyes may feel a burning sensation for few minutes along with watery discharge. In some cases the eyelids may darken along with lengthening and darkening of eyelashes. In very few cases severe side effects like blurred vision, receptivity towards light and swelling of eyes may occur.

Application of bimatoprost online on the upper eyelid should be done with the sterile applicator provided along with the pack. Extreme care should be taken that the tip of the bottle is not kept open or touched with any external object. This helps in avoiding the contamination of bimatoprost due to bacteria. Refrain from using bimatoprost along with any other ophthalmic solution. Wearing of contact lenses is strictly prohibited till 15 minutes of application of bimatoprost.

How to Take Bimatoprost

The dosage of bimatoprost ophthalmic solution to treat glaucoma should be according to the prescription given by the doctor. Usually one drop per day is recommended, but in case of open angle glaucoma the dosage may vary which is decided by the practitioner.

For eyelash growth buy bimatoprost serum should be applied on the base of eyelashes on the eyelids. It should be applied with the help of the applicator.

Possible Side Effects

One should be aware of all the precautionary warnings before using bimatoprost solution. Ignoring it may prove fatal to one’s eyes since eyes are very sensitive and sometimes the damage may be irreversible.

Bimatoprost should not be used along with any other type eye medicaments. If you are using any other drug, then you are supposed to bring it to the notice of your doctor.

Any abnormal reaction other than the common side effects should be reported to the physician immediately and its use should be discontinued.

Avoid use of bimatoprost drug if you are scheduled to undergo any eye operation. Post the surgery use of bimatoprost serum should be resumed only if the doctor gives a green signal to do so.

Refrain from using bimatoprost solution if you are suffering from any eye ailment. It is very important to cure the ailment first or else the condition will deteriorate.


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